EVARM in English




EVARM, as systems integration company, specialises in light, medium and heavy duty projects where the target is to use Alternative Fuels as Hydrogen, CNG, LNG or LPG for any reason.

Formed by high skilled engineers and technicians, former top level management and engineers in technical, research, production and services of OEM’s and R&D centers, EVARM team is growing and attending new challenges worldwide.

If you are interested in EVARM for certain projects, please contact us through our mail: xribas@evarm.com and we will provide to you related information in English.

EVARM is taking part in several projects worldwide, but this is attended by different team, due to our non-kit approach, but OEM focus. EVARM develops engine and vehicle top class projects, which may involve Dual-Fuel or any other technology as Fuel Cell (FCEV)


Thank you for your kind support.


Xavier Ribas,