Hydrogen is an energy vector that can solve the climate change, since has no harmful emissions. Only water vapour is generated by the fuel cell of our trucks. By refueling green Hydrogen, produced by Electrolysis of water, Carboon footprint is Zero. Thanks to the solar panels and wind mills, our energy partners produce the necessary amount of Hydrogen to fuel our trucks, that our customers can safely and efficiently use on their daily operations.



  • From 2018, EVARM is developing Hydrogen vehicles: Trucks, LCV and Airport Ground equipment



  • Heritage forged in the most extreme conditions: From the 2023 first ever truck to race and complete the Dakar, to the 2024 DAKAR winner truck,, to become available at the roads end 2024 (Reservations open for deliveries from 2025)



  • Available H2: Up to 25 kg of H2 @350 Bar (2024)/ 40 kg of H2 @ 700 bar (from 2025)
  • Power: 250 kW / 300 kW / 350 kW of pure HYDROGEN POWER
  • Torque: 3500 Nm / 4000 Nm
  • HRS interface : IR/TX HRS  SAE J2601-2
  • Compliance: R85, R100.03, EC79, R134
  • Available on 2 or 3 axles.

Developed with support of Applus+ IDIADA engineering team & Prezero: https://prezero.es/es/noticia/prototipo-vehiculo-recogida-residuos-propulsado-hidrogeno/





By demonstrating in 2023 & 2024 the technology of the green Hydrogen, EVARM takes the lead of real world applications. By refueling  in the middle of Saudi Arabia, to the streets and roads of Europe, we will help deploy the infraestructure of HRS & ensure our zero emission fuel cell trucks become the most competitive, safe, efficient and durable trucks.

During Saudi DAKAR 2024, we refueled every day thanks to a mobile H2 station, provided by the ASO DAKAR organization, which delivered H2 at 350 bar, cooled at -38ºC and with IR/TX JSAE 2601-2

DAKAR 2024 EVARM (3)


DAKAR race is know as the most difficult rally in the world. EVARM is proud to be winner of 2024 DAKAR FUTURE MISSION 1000, for the first ever time with Hydrogen.


Note: DAKAR version is a special vehicle built on purpose for racing configured by EVARM which has 600 kW and is able to exceed 140 km/h, it is not for road use and is not for sale.

For more information about the EVARM’s DAKAR historical achievements:

DAKAR 2024 – Introduction

First time in history, DAKAR 2023 Hydrogen truck by EVARM: 2023- DAKAR – HYDROGEN First of First




For enquiries / reservation of road Hydrogen vehicles, please contact us:


Xavier Ribas